Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are You Ready To Rock?

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to rock? This week's episode is a flashback to some of my late seventies rock and roll favorites, so naturally you're gonna want to listen to this loud and perhaps maybe even schedule in a few beers. It's officially fall, the Red Sox are still in the hunt and my birthday is right around the corner so it's time to rock.

Are You Ready To Rock?
Yes! I'm ready to rock! or No. I am not ready to rock...

Make It Louder!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank You Cadillac!

Man, I'd forgotten all about Hum's awesome and rocking song Stars. It's from the You'd Prefer An Astronaut lp from 1995 and I just can't get enough of the souring through space guitar sounds on this track!

Thanks to Cadillac, it's featured in the new "Turned On" spots.

Make It Louder!


Friday, September 21, 2007

One Year of Hammond Eggs!

Hammond Eggs #26
Click To Enlarge.

Congratulations to my good buddy Brian Parrish and his groovy Saturday morning Hammond Eggs Show. Celebrating one year on the air over at KSYM, 90.1 in down here in beautiful San Antonio.

Grab a fresh cup of coffee and check it out here, you'll be glad you did!: Hammond Eggs Show!

Above is the cover I did to help celebrate show #26 which features Chinese Checkers by the amazing Booker T & The MGs. And yup, that's me and the man himself, Booker T at this year's SXSW. Booker's one of the nicest and coolest cats I've ever met. Thanks to my bud Shane for the photo.

And how about some Green Onions to go with your fresh Hammond Eggs...

Congrats again Brian, really digging the show man!



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is This On?

Bon jour and welcome. This is the HMK Mystery Stream Episode 040 - If: Irregular Frequency: Is This On? Well, is it? That's entirely up to you. And just so you know, for some reason this week's episode is a bit more rowdy and louder that our usual stream. Meters were surely peaking during the capture session - lots of red and, as you'll hear, some mixed signals to say the least. We're thinking it must have something to do with those recently detected solar flare-ups and black spots on the sun. Or perhaps it was that interest rate drop. Who knows. Right place, wrong time situation perhaps, hell, it's really just an educated guess. Only Abby knows... Try this one after a couple of cocktails and if possible, make it louder than normal. Stay tuned, we've got some awesome chill and sexy jazz prepared for the fall. Thanks for tuning in and feel free to share your thoughts.

Is This On?

©Stay Tuned Y'all!

Peace and be careful out there!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning Coffee Vibes

Congratulation, you made it to another Monday! As your reward, here's a few fresh little numbers to enjoy as you read your email and drink your coffee this morning.

First up, a little wake up music from 1975, David Axelrod's groovy Go For It from his awesomely funky album Seriously Deep.

Next, a little audio Kahlua for that second cup, checkout Pablo, off of the 1965 Tuff Guitar Tijuana Style from Meester Al Caiola.

And finally, from Scubba off of last year's Bossa n Roses lp, dig this vibey take of Paradise City...

Have a great week,


Friday, September 14, 2007

HMK Mystery Stream: Benign

...B-9... B-9... Bingo! Lost your mind but kept your looks? Yeah Yeah Yeah. Sunset Cruz. You Are Welcome. Thank You. Friends & Neighbors. Dogs, no cats please. Well, maybe just a cople of cool ones... Spy VS Spy. Spinning. Dazy. Dizzy. Let's go back to the Tiki Room. Bedwetter. Life is here, today and right now - dig it and be happy. Roger, Rat's Right. Ringo. Shooting Starz. The average temperature in Vancouver in October is 56. Cool. Long Sleve Weather. Jazz is Nice. Launch iTunes! Howdy. Hey There and Welcome. Thirsty? Peal Beer and Chili. Mr. Ed. Pixies. Knock Knock. Lee. Cerveza es muy bueno. Si, see sea? Ci. Coo-Coo! Way. Passport to Fun. I think I need a haircut... Peace. Out.

Turn Me On: Click Hear...


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Migwell's Surf Selections 002

Ok y'all, here's another fresh set of some of my favorite beach vibes featuring the mellower and more quiet side of classic surfing instrumentals.

And just like our first set, these four mellow instro tracks are the perfect wind down music for the end of a hectic day or perhaps you might want to include these into your Sunday morning mix. They go great with coffee or a Sea Breeze*.

First up, from Spain, The Breeze & I by The Vibrants off of their album The Exotic Guitar Sounds Of The Vibrants on El Toro Records. Not sure of the release date on this one, sorry.

Next is Driftin' by Dave Meyer & The Surftones from, I believe, 1964. I've got this on two compilations with 2 different dates.

Dig the sexy sax on this hot little 1963 number from The Tempomen. Ring up your honey and ask her pick up some cranberry juice * and you'll meet her at Midnight On Pier 13.

And finally, an Endless Summer knock off from 1965, The Islander, by The Sunliners who eventually changed their name and became Rare Earth in 1967. They had a handful of hits in the early 70's including covers of The Temptations' "(I Know) I'm Losing You" and "Get Ready".

Enjoy and thanks for listening.

©Stay Tuned Y'all!


Classic Sea Breeze Recipe*
2 oz Vodka
4 oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice
1 1/2 oz Cranberry Juice
Garnish with a squeeze of lemon or lime.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Out Of This Swirled!

This weeks episode is brought to you in part by the always creative and wicked friendly party folks over at Swirl, thanks guys!

You know that trippy, half conscious feeling of both excitement and sleep deprivation that usually always accompanies an over seas flight or perhaps a little hangover?

Well, the folks here at Totally Bitchin' Recording have recreated an exclusive, hour long soundscape and our first official journey to that place that never really existed (other than in your head) until now...

For maximum effect and enjoyment, either listen using your headphones or play at an appropriate volume as you work, play or simply sit back and relax..

Click here for this weeks Official HMK Mystery Stream: 039 Out Of This Swirled

Click Hear and you'll be taken directly to the HMK Mystery Stream in iTunes!

Enjoy your flight!

©Stay Tuned Y'all.


As usual, headphones are recommended for this episode and it'll sound just fine coming out of your hi-fi speakers out by the pool as well.