Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is This On?

Bon jour and welcome. This is the HMK Mystery Stream Episode 040 - If: Irregular Frequency: Is This On? Well, is it? That's entirely up to you. And just so you know, for some reason this week's episode is a bit more rowdy and louder that our usual stream. Meters were surely peaking during the capture session - lots of red and, as you'll hear, some mixed signals to say the least. We're thinking it must have something to do with those recently detected solar flare-ups and black spots on the sun. Or perhaps it was that interest rate drop. Who knows. Right place, wrong time situation perhaps, hell, it's really just an educated guess. Only Abby knows... Try this one after a couple of cocktails and if possible, make it louder than normal. Stay tuned, we've got some awesome chill and sexy jazz prepared for the fall. Thanks for tuning in and feel free to share your thoughts.

Is This On?

©Stay Tuned Y'all!

Peace and be careful out there!


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