Thursday, January 07, 2010

Paperback Eiffel

Paperback Eiffel

Ok. True story.

I took this shot back in November of 1994. It's a group of French school children singing Frère Jacques, in Paris, right next to the Eiffel Tower. Pretty Disneyesque, in an It's A Small World After All kind of way, I know, but... So, fast-forward to 2008, I'm scanning the print, a print I developed in like, 1998, in the makeshift darkroom of my bud Patrick Gill, an awesome and primitive set up in Patrick's detached garage behind his flat in San Antonio. Anyway, so I'm scanning the print and The Beatles' Paperback Writer comes out of my speakers via my first iPod, Lani Makana, set on super-mega-shuffle. Singing along I start thinking, "Wow, this does kinda look like a paperback cover..." Hmmm.

I do a Google to get a bit more background info on the song in an effort to find a fake, yet convincing author name for the fake book and, thanks to the mighty wikipedia, man, did I get a some background! I've probably listened to Paperback Writer at least 100 times in my lifetime and never, ever, did I hear The Beatles singing Frère Jacques in the background, but sure enough, listen to it - it's there!

The more I learn about the Beatles, the trippier life gets.

Make It Louder,