Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's About Time!

It's been over a month since Apple's given us stuff to drool over... Check out the New Color iPods



Thursday, January 25, 2007

HMK Mystery Stream Week: Fab Four

Yeah, I know this gives it away, but one listen to this stream and, like candy, you'll be back for more!

And you thought you'd heard it all...

Dig: HMK Mystery Stream Week: Fab Four

Make it louder,

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhhh.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Tourfilter is one of those innovative new business ideas that came about because a smart entrepreneur wanted to solve a personal problem. Founder Chris Marstall kept missing gigs by bands he liked, and needed an easy way to track concert listings. When he couldn't find anything user-friendly or complete enough, he built his own service.

The concept is simple: a user sets up a (free) account, picks his/her own city, and then enters all of the bands he or she would like to see in concert. Twice a day, Tourfilter's software crawls through live music venue listings for each city it covers. If it comes across a band people are tracking, it sends them an email, and lets them receive show updates via RSS or iCal.

Entering a list of bands is fast and easy, with the system giving instant recommendations based on other users' lists. Users can also listen to thousands of MP3 and RealAudio tracks by bands with upcoming shows, and browse recent music blog listings, organized by band.

Think of it as a simple concert and band tracking tool that aims to become the Craigslist of live music listings.

I've got mine set up for Austin...

Check It: Tourfilter


Monday, January 22, 2007

Keven Eldon: Lecturer

Among other things, we're about to enter the world of the very small...

Ladies & Gentleman -The Art Of Listening.

Absolutely and bodaciously wicked funny.

That is if you simply listen, truly focus.

Relax, and allow yourself to escape and ponder it all...

I double dog dare you.

Waxing Poetic.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vital Organs

This is the perfect soundtrack for any Saturday night you've got a glass of your favorite in hand and some friends to shake it with while the hour is still young and fresh.

Vital Organs is a totally bitchin' mix of 10 super funky Hammond organ tracks. Thanks to New York's Funk DJ Mr. Fine Wine and his superior taste in 45's that are ripe with all things funky, big drums, fat basslines, and yeah, blazing hot keyboards!

This one is ripped straight from vinyl and ready to roll.

Vital Organs:
1. The Hatch: TMG 3:26
2. The Hen: Louis Chachere 2:30
3. Everytime Part 2: Buddy McKnight 2:39
4. Cool Dad: Ross Carnegie 3:05
5. Bullseye: The Matini's 1:53
6. Shimmy: Toussaint McAll 2:21
7. Soul Power: Jimmy Willis 2:52
8. Foot Stumping: The Organics 2:20
9. Don't Give A Damn: King Cain & The Silvertone Band 2:59
10. Put Your Weight On It: Fillmore Street Sooul Rebellilons.2:21

Grab the entire lp in one zip file that includes the cover art over at my perpetually in progress ©SharkThang site. When you get there, scroll to your right.... Yeah, That's Right.

Make It Louder,


Big Gracias: Record Brother.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

HMK Mysterey Stream: Week Three

Your visual clue to Week No. 03 The HMK Mysterey Stream

Click Hear: The HMK Mysterey Stream of the Week: No 03

Check back every Thursday for a fresh the HMK Mysterey Stream!



Thursday, January 11, 2007

HMK Mystery Stream Episode Two

Here's this weeks visual clue:

What is the HMK Mystery Stream?

Sometimes it's music, sometimes it's not....

Perhaps it's a lecture or a speech. Perhaps not.

Maybe it's audio from an Apollo mission or a just a single song.


That's why it's called the HMK Mystery Stream!

Regardless, there's one sure way to find out... Enjoy your trip!

Launch HMK Mystery Stream

Make It Louder,


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Visit from the Dead Dog

Dig illustrator Tom Gauld and awesome animators Dirty UK's animated promo for Ed Harcourt’s Visit from the Dead Dog.

God, I love this Ed Harcourt song almost as much as my dogs Ringo and Dazy - and dude, I could go on and on about this the bleak but beautiful little black and white gem of a video.

Totally sweet.



Thursday, January 04, 2007

Super Cheesey!

Needed some cheesey sounds to help me pack my suitcase for a little Holiday.

Crank up Walk Don't Run from the 1963 New Sounds... Old Goodies, The Wild Voices of the Marty Cooper Clan.

Ahhh. that's better...


Thanks to the kids at Space Age Pop

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Music and Food? Leave It To The Pros.

Vintage Rock: The jukebox at the Great Jones Cafe plays the manager’s old 45s. Photo by Robert Presutti.

It's about time. It's amazing how the the ambience of everything from a waiting room or bathroom to a 5 Star restaurant or dive bar can be enhanced or completey spoiled simply by paying attention to not only what audio is playing but also the volume and overall appropriateness.

Most of us were all lucky enough to be born with all the 5 Senses, (6 if you count sense of humor). Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch, Hearing.

It's amazing how almost half of these are ingnored and should ALWAYS be considered when it comes to the art of creating any physical space whether it's a home, office, store and especially restaurants, cafes and bars.

I've allways believed that the use of music (or lack there of), in any environment, should be treated as an equal within it's group of the 5 Senses. In regard to any eatery, to me, (to all of us really on a sublime level), the sound/ambient music and it's volume is as equally important as the temperature, lighting, service and the food.

There's nothing worse than spluringing on a nice lobster dinner only to have it ruined by piped in audio crap. Music is the core of the overall atmosphere and should be treated as such.

Drew Nieporent still remembers the afternoon in the 1970s when Warner LeRoy ordered him to turn off the Barbra Streisand eight-track.

Mr. Nieporent, who today operates restaurants from Louisville to London, was tending the bar for Mr. LeRoy at Maxwell’s Plum on the Upper East Side. He cued up the Streisand tape every day at lunch. It’s no longer clear if it was the warble of the tape or of “Evergreen” that set Mr. LeRoy off, but he ordered the eight-track turned off and pronounced that from that moment on, music was forever banned during lunch at Maxwell’s Plum.

Silent, strident or Streisand, there’s no consensus on what should play on the dining room hi-fi. Without an easy recipe for success, chefs and restaurateurs turn to consultants, D.J.’s, enthusiastic staff members and their own record collections, seeking a mix that works.

Life's too short for Kenny G, Michael Bolton and Celene Dion as it is, I mean it's called Yawnni for a reason.

Read the Robert Presutti article at The New York Times

And if you're interested in discussing the soundtrack to your business, restaurant or home please feel free to contact me at hmk@sharkthang.com. I've collected over a half a million songs (so far) in my HMK Audio Archive to be used exclusively as a springboard for creating just the right vibe.



Tuesday, January 02, 2007

HMK Mysterey Stream: Week One

The Casbah, HMK, Sharkthang and Necessito La Music Proudly Present: The HMK Mysterey Stream of the Week No. One: 2007

This week's geniusness is from the mind of Sir Brian Parrish, AKA Dr. Suavetone host of the The Casbah Show on 90.1 KSYM brodcasting every Saturday night from 7-9 live from the San Antonio College Campus in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

Normally, on the Casbah you'll find Brian slingin' the surf and garage rock all the cool kids are listening to these days, that is of course, when he's not filling you in on all the groovy bits & bites of insight and knowledge regarding the vibes that are hopefully by now streaming through your speakers.

There's a reason the The HMK Mysterey Stream of the Week is released every Thursday afternoon - clock out and hear why...

Here's your visual clue to Week No. 01 The HMK Mysterey Stream

Two things for the new year people.

Make it Louder.


Keep San Antonio Lame.



Monday, January 01, 2007

Otis Fodder is Back!

Happy New Year!

Here's an awesome way to start out the new year - new audio oddities every single day of 2007 courtesy of Otis Fodder and his 365 Days Project.

I was initially hooked when Otis presented his first 365 project way back in 2003. The 2007 version promises more of the same as well as extended and deeper insight and shares from the original presentation.

Do yourself a favor- open your mind and check it out!