Saturday, December 03, 2005

Grade A Hammond Eggs For Dr. Suavetone

Above: Mr. Jimmy Smith

Hey kids, it's on! The Casbah! Groove to the stream of my bud Sir Brian, AKA Dr. Suavetone, every Saturday Night from 7pm-9pm! Or, if you're lucky enough to actually be down in San Antonio, tune in via KYSM, 90.1 on your FM dial.

Brian's been threatening to post his last five or six years of shows as PodCasts, I'll let you all know as soon as that happens.(Podcasting's a little more involved than than it appears. Even when you've got great stuff like the Casbah archives, there are still a few tricky technical and financial hurdles before you're truly up and on.)

Here's a handful of stuff I gave Brian as potentials for tonights "Best of the Hammond" keyboard vibes Casbah. (Dig this 1967 piece by The Flower Child, the rocking Mini Skirt Blues!) Brian and I have been sharing music since the early 90's and the following is some of my favorite hammond stuff that you may or may not hear on the Casbah tonight, one way to find out for sure, check it out: KYSM

1) Bumpin' on Sunset: Auger
2) Party Mood: Armando Trovaioli
3) Titoli: Armando Travaioli
4) Fat Judy: 'Big' John Patton
5) Face To Face: "Baby Face" Willette
6) Work Song: Grant Green
7) All About My Girl: Jimmy McGriff
8) I'm Movin On: Jimmy Smith
9) The Silver Metre: John Patton
19) Brown Sugar: Roach Freddie
11) Mini Skirt Blues: The Flower Child
12) My Back Scratcher: The Boogaloo Investigators
13) Don't Touch My Popcorn: The Diplomats of Solid Sound
14) Strudel Girl: The Link Quartet
15) Kiko: Nick Rossi Set
16) You Got It: The Yards
17) Harris County Line Up: Slim Allan 3
18) Ponytail & Cylclingshorts (premix); Baron Samedi E.S.Q.

Rock on Brian,


Kahuna Christmas Song #3

This one is awesome. Although not even close to being a "classic" Christmas favorite (this one is totally new to me) but in just the few short days that we've been listening to it it's already become a favorite at our house. I hope you feel the same. So, grab yourself a hot mug of Dr. Pepper and enjoy Kahuna Christmas Song Number Three!