Saturday, September 27, 2008

HMK Soul Doubt Show @ Blue Star Gallery 4

HMK Soul Doubt Show Invite 5x5 A

Hey y'all. So psyched!

Ok. Good Morning, here's the official soundtrack for my first one man show entitiled: "Soul Doubt" opening at the Blue Star's Gallery 4 October 2nd thru November 1st, 2008 down here in beautiful in San Antonio, Texas.

Special thanks to Chuck Ramirez, curator for Gallery 4 at Blue Star, Sir David Fuller and Lydell Toye for making this truly possible and of course, my awesome wife, my kids, my friends and my dogs and every one that's helped support the HMK Mystery Stream, The HMK Archive and HMK all along the way!

Peace, God Bless and Happy Trails!

Check out the Soul Doubt show!

116 Blue Star Gallery 4
Members Opening Reception 10.02.08 6-9pm
First Friday General Public Opening 10.03.08 6-10pm

Click Hear: official soundtrack