Monday, June 30, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Wet! Wet Wednesday 001

HMK Mystery Stream Delux Editions Present: Get Wet! Wet Wednesday 001.

Each and every Wednesday during the Summer of 2008!

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And hey, if you're new to the HMK Mystery Stream AKA iF: Irregular Frequency, aloha, howdy and welcome, were' glad that you finally made it!

Here's a re-up from last Summer, just in case you missed it, grab your towel, something iced & quenchy, grab yourself some shade and dig the HMK Mystery Stream Special Double Issue...

Meanwhile, last Summer...

For this weeks episode I've put together an exclusive mix of some of my favorite audio gems that are perfect to enjoy while chillin' by the pool, driving to the beach or simply to make your work day go by a little faster.

Well, what are you waiting for? Click Hear: Special Double Issue Part One. And, just in time for the weekend: Special Double Issue Part Two.

Stay Tuned Y'all!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Radio Island: HMK Mystery Stream #142

Radio Island HMK Mystery Stream Episode #142.Cover
It's On! Grab a towel, a cold one and tune in!

HMK Mystery Stream: Irregular Frequency Episode 142: Radio Island.

Some material might not be appropriate for the young ones...


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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Viva Los Beatles

Juan, Pablo, Jorge & Gringo!
Viva Los Beatles!

Just in time for Summer! Back by popular demand, the reprint of the original 1992 Los Beatles shirts are here! I've got a limited number of Large and XL @ $15US each. Add $5US for shipping within the United States.

More info: Viva Los Beatles!

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Design and the Elastic Mind

One thing that makes city life inspiring is also one thing that makes it oppressive: other people. Technology may be able to help. The evolution of community and technology was one theme of "Design and the Elastic Mind," a recent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

The title of an essay in the show’s catalog, by Paola Antonelli, a curator, suggests the exciting possibilities of the emerging dynamic: “All Together Now!” Yet Antonelli also acknowledges the flip side of that togetherness. Citing one “very mundane example of one versus many,” she mentions a crucial line of defense against the chatter of others: “First-rate noise-canceling headsets. Don’t leave home without them.”

Technology changes community and reacts to change. It also gets repurposed. Consider, in fact, noise-canceling headphones. Probably the most famous brand in that product category is Bose, which makes a couple of models under the name QuietComfort. Bose certainly positions the devices as a tool for one to obliterate the sound of the many (“Use them as a concert hall — or a sanctuary”). But the underlying technology had more specific origins.

According to the company, its noise-canceling system was devised by Amar Bose, the founder, following a disappointing experience with airline-provided headphones in 1978: extraneous cabin noise competed with the audio entertainment — and cranking up the volume just muddied the sound.

Prototypes from Bose’s Noise Reduction Technology Group were used by the Air Force and Army, and the first commercial version, introduced in 1989, was meant for aviation professionals. (A 1995 iteration was named “product of the year” by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.) The technology crossed over to the consumer market in the late 1990s, still in the noisy context of air travel, by way of a deal with American Airlines.

Continue reading Rob Walker's: The Silence Generation, thanks to The New York Times.

Personally, I just really dig my Sennheiser HD 595s.

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Thanks to Alex Edg for the textured paper.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Hammond Eggs 039

Hammond Eggs Episode 039
Hey y'all, tune in tommorrow morning and dig the latest Hammond Eggs #39!

Every other Saturday morning from 7-9am you can tune in live and chill out with a big cup of fresh java, me and my buddy Sir Brian Parrish as we share our latest vinyl finds that focus on all things Hammond B3 and the funkier, bluesier side of Jazz.

Only on 90.1, KSYM on your fm dial here in San Antonio!

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

HMK Mystery Stream: Bohemian Mai Tai Jet Set

Bohemian Mai Tai Jet Set
It's On! Grab a towel, a cold one and tune in!

HMK Mystery Stream: Irregular Frequency Episode 107: Bohemian Mai Tai Jet Set

Some material might not be appropriate for the young ones...

Carpe Los Dias!

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