Friday, January 18, 2008

iF: Episode 069: Canceled Flight

iF: Irregular Frequency Episode: 000 No Dice

Canceled Flight: 069.

And remember - Call 206-203-4941 to leave your own audio segue for inclusion consideration in a future HMK Mystery Stream.

That's: 206-203-4941 - We're Listening...

Happy New Year!

Make It Louder and Stay Tuned Y'all!


Puttin' The Phone In Headphones

Sweet! Turn an old telephone handset into dj headphones.

Remember seeing disc jockeys using them at Discos back in the 80's? Well, here's a bitchin' How To Guide for turning an old telephone handset into dj headphones.

All you need is an old telephone handset, a soldering iron, a mono male phone plug and a sharp utility blade and you're DUN.

Make It Louder,