Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HMK Mystery Stream Episode 090: Anis Berger

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Monday, September 28, 2009

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" inspiration dies

The woman who inspired the iconic Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has died, a charity said on Monday.

Lucy O'Donnell was a childhood friend of John Lennon's son Julian, and the song title was inspired by a picture that he had drawn of her at school.

Julian Lennon with his father John and Yoko Ono

"That's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," Julian explained to his father when he took the picture home.

Many fans believed that the classic 1967 hit, recorded for the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album, was a thinly disguised paean of praise for the hallucinogenic drug LSD.

But O'Donnell, a housewife whose married name was Vodden, revealed two years ago that she had in fact been the source.

Above is Lucy Vodden: She was at nursery school with Julian Lennon.

"I remember Julian and I both doing pictures on a double-sided easel, throwing paint at each other, much to the horror of the classroom attendant," O'Donnell told BBC radio in 2007.

"Julian had painted a picture and on that particular day his father turned up with the chauffeur to pick him up from school."

The St Thomas' Lupus Trust charity said O'Donnell had died aged 46 after losing a fight against the autoimmune disease lupus.

It said Julian and his mother Cynthia, Lennon's first wife, were "shocked and saddened by the loss of Lucy."

"It's so sad that she had finally lost the battle she fought so bravely for so long," said Angie Davidson, the Trust's campaign director.

Thanks to Michael Holden at Reuters.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hammond Eggs #66

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Hey y'all, start your Saturday morning off with some hip and chill Vitamin B3 grooves courtesy of me and my bud and Brian Parrish broadcasting live from the KSYM studios at San Antonio College every other Saturday Morning from 7-9am on KSYM 90.1 FM.

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That's Right, Episode #66 of The Hammond Eggs Show is being served hot & fresh, bright & early this Saturday morning, August 15th from 7-9am.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Drag

SPIN Magazine has a sweet little list of The 100 Greatest Bands You've (Probably) Never Heard and they totally nailed it with the closest thing Taco Land ever had to a house band with San Antonio's answer to the cement city Beach Boys, the mighty Big Drag!

Directly from SPIN:

A trio from San Antonio who embodied neighboring Austin’s slacker ethos to a fault, the band melded the Jesus and Mary Chain’s fuzz and the Ramones’ three chords to sunny surf pop to create three-minute koans in the early 90s. Making believers of Yo La Tengo when they rolled through town, YLT appropriated Big Drag’s cover of the Beach Boys’ “Little Honda” (right down to the one-note guitar solo) for their own I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One.

To be continued...

For the complete list of 100 artists, check out the August 2009 issue of SPIN.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hammond Eggs #065

Hammond Eggs 065
Dig the latest episode: Hammond Eggs #65!

Recorded live on Saturday Morning, September 12th from 7-9am on KSYM 90.1 FM.

Join me and my bud Sir Brian Parrish, host of The Casbah, every other Saturday morning as we dig into our top shelf Hammond B3 favorites, sip Mermaids Grande (venti java du jour) and dish out the fresh Hammond Eggs Vibes.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tiki Bongo Flashback!

You're soooo lucky! Today I've got some groovy, mid 60's, French, get-up-n-move vibes for you that'll remind you that yes - it's still summer! I'm thinking these will work nicely with just about anything you might have going on after the sun goes down today. Come to think of it, and although I haven't tested them sitting around the pool (yet!) these would go absolutely perfect with a nice poolside cold one.

Either way, here's hoping at least one of these French gems make it on to your permanent Saturday night mix. I've got this twistin' trio in both my Bohemian Mai Tai Jet Set playlist and the Official A Night at The Fabulous Tiki Room playlist.

First up, from 1966, the happy-go-lucky Twist A Go Go from Eddie Warner & les Nelson Boys (256 kbps 3.7MB)

Next, a sweet little finger snappin' vibes and keyboard combo circa 1964 that's really anything but what you might expect with a title like Ah! Quel Surf!, dig if you will Ah! Quel Surf! This is from Orchestre Jean Tordo off of the C'est Si Bon 45 (256 kbps 3.8MB)

"You gotta live like you're on vacation." Sir Diamond David Lee Roth

And finally, for my buddy Jackie, (and perhaps you or anyone else that just might need a song to make 'em smile and thank their lucky stars for everything they've got) a hip shakin' 1965 ditty called Forgeron Twist by Les Star Twisters. This is a single from The Dansons avec Les Star Twisters et Viviane Chantel LP. (256 kbps 4.1MB)

And, remember - Summer's not over yet!

C'est Si Tiki Bongo!