Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Sound Index

Dig The Sound Index from the BBC. It's basically a ‘buzz’ index of bands and tracks being discussed on the web.

Sound Index uses IBM’s Semantic Super Computing to crawl sites like YouTube, Bebo, Last.FM, iTunes, Google and MySpace, in an effort to find out what people are writing and blogging about, listening to, watching, downloading and logging on to.

Based on the above, you get Sound Index's chart of the most popular 1000 artists and tracks on the web.

According to the site:

The more blog mentions, comments, plays, downloads and profile views an artist or track has, the higher up the Sound Index they are. So, the Sound Index is a music buzz index controlled entirely by the public.

As we know which artists are being enjoyed by which people, not only can you can filter the Sound Index to reflect the sites you use the most, or your favourite music styles, you can also tailor it to represent the views of people of different ages and locations.

Not bad, pretty mainstream, but that's the web right? I really like the thinking behind both the idea and the execution.

Dig: The Sound Index

Stay Tuned Y'all!