Thursday, September 06, 2007

Out Of This Swirled!

This weeks episode is brought to you in part by the always creative and wicked friendly party folks over at Swirl, thanks guys!

You know that trippy, half conscious feeling of both excitement and sleep deprivation that usually always accompanies an over seas flight or perhaps a little hangover?

Well, the folks here at Totally Bitchin' Recording have recreated an exclusive, hour long soundscape and our first official journey to that place that never really existed (other than in your head) until now...

For maximum effect and enjoyment, either listen using your headphones or play at an appropriate volume as you work, play or simply sit back and relax..

Click here for this weeks Official HMK Mystery Stream: 039 Out Of This Swirled

Click Hear and you'll be taken directly to the HMK Mystery Stream in iTunes!

Enjoy your flight!

©Stay Tuned Y'all.


As usual, headphones are recommended for this episode and it'll sound just fine coming out of your hi-fi speakers out by the pool as well.

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