Friday, September 14, 2007

HMK Mystery Stream: Benign

...B-9... B-9... Bingo! Lost your mind but kept your looks? Yeah Yeah Yeah. Sunset Cruz. You Are Welcome. Thank You. Friends & Neighbors. Dogs, no cats please. Well, maybe just a cople of cool ones... Spy VS Spy. Spinning. Dazy. Dizzy. Let's go back to the Tiki Room. Bedwetter. Life is here, today and right now - dig it and be happy. Roger, Rat's Right. Ringo. Shooting Starz. The average temperature in Vancouver in October is 56. Cool. Long Sleve Weather. Jazz is Nice. Launch iTunes! Howdy. Hey There and Welcome. Thirsty? Peal Beer and Chili. Mr. Ed. Pixies. Knock Knock. Lee. Cerveza es muy bueno. Si, see sea? Ci. Coo-Coo! Way. Passport to Fun. I think I need a haircut... Peace. Out.

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