Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Nuge!

Ted Nugent

This is from back in 1979 at the Convention Center Arena down here in beautiful San Antonio. I posted some more rock related stuff from my rock 'n 'roll youth days over at my flickr sire - check it out!: HMK Concert Tickets +!

Make It Louder!


The Mix Tape Portable DJ Mixer

Check out this sweet web exclusive from the cool kids over at Urban Outfitters. Now this is a REAL mix tape. The Mix Tape Portable DJ Mixer is a super compact mixing device that looks exactly like a cassette tape.

Featuring a smooth cross-fader, with dual 3.5mm stereo inputs, for use with iPods, iPhones, music-enabled cell phones, mp3 players or just about anything audio device.

Also includes a headphone monitor jack, perfect for cueing up your next track without missing a beat. Imported. Wipes clean.
Requires: 2 AAA batteries and it's Mac and PC compatible!


That's Right,


Hammond Eggnog Show 2008

Click Hear: Hammond Eggnog Christmas Show 2008!

Merry Christmas!


Track 3: Baby It's Cold Outside - Johnny Mercer with Margaret Whiting 1949