Sunday, March 08, 2009


Redbone Double Page Ad

Man, I love guitars. Especially nice guitars! You know the kind I'm talking about - the sweet and amazingly light acoustic, hand crafted detail, perfect sound, the kind you're almost afraid to even pick up and strum lest you might drop it and then hell - there goes a mortgage payment!

Although the store might feel a bit intimidatingly swanky at first (it's wicked nice inside) it won't be long until you're feeling right at home bringing back memories of Pat Mcgee's Surf Shop in Port Aransas circa 1979. That's right, guitar gremmies included! Plus, there's a bunch of really affordable guitars and swag along with some of the best free technical and buying advice from Redbone's genuinely friendly and helpful pros.

Just meeting a few of the awesome instructors, folks whom you'll probably recognize as seeing on stages all across San Antonio, Texas and beyond - the chill and welcoming vibe at Redbone makes me want to take some lessons just so I can hang out and listen to real musicians and beginners alike express themselves both verbally and through noodleing on some of the nicest guitars you'll ever hold in your hands with having to sign a waiver!

If you love guitars you'll really dig Redbones Guitar Boutique - just a block north of the fountain in Olmos Park at 4343 McCullough in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

Rock on Redbone!