Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vital Organs

This is the perfect soundtrack for any Saturday night you've got a glass of your favorite in hand and some friends to shake it with while the hour is still young and fresh.

Vital Organs is a totally bitchin' mix of 10 super funky Hammond organ tracks. Thanks to New York's Funk DJ Mr. Fine Wine and his superior taste in 45's that are ripe with all things funky, big drums, fat basslines, and yeah, blazing hot keyboards!

This one is ripped straight from vinyl and ready to roll.

Vital Organs:
1. The Hatch: TMG 3:26
2. The Hen: Louis Chachere 2:30
3. Everytime Part 2: Buddy McKnight 2:39
4. Cool Dad: Ross Carnegie 3:05
5. Bullseye: The Matini's 1:53
6. Shimmy: Toussaint McAll 2:21
7. Soul Power: Jimmy Willis 2:52
8. Foot Stumping: The Organics 2:20
9. Don't Give A Damn: King Cain & The Silvertone Band 2:59
10. Put Your Weight On It: Fillmore Street Sooul Rebellilons.2:21

Grab the entire lp in one zip file that includes the cover art over at my perpetually in progress ©SharkThang site. When you get there, scroll to your right.... Yeah, That's Right.

Make It Louder,


Big Gracias: Record Brother.