Monday, December 31, 2007

New Clear Days!

Here's to New Clear Days! And here's a little sneak preview to some of what we've got on deck for the HMK Mystery Stream in 2008.

Remember the Vapors? Turning Japanese! I Think I'm turning Japanese! Well, here's one off of the same album, New Clear Days, the brilliant opening track, a perfect little pop ditty from my senior year at Madison High School way back in 1980. Spring Collection.

And trust me on this one, you will absolutely totally love this incredible jazz number. Dig the 8 minute and 47 seconds worth of pure audio bliss: Stolen Moments from Mr. Oliver Nelson's 1961 The Blues And The Abstract Truth album. Goes perfect with a coffee and/or a cocktail. The wife and I will start the first day of our New Year 2008 with Stolen Moments as part of our soundtrack...


Have yourself a Happy New Year!

All the Best,

Cheers & Stay warm!