Tuesday, January 02, 2007

HMK Mysterey Stream: Week One

The Casbah, HMK, Sharkthang and Necessito La Music Proudly Present: The HMK Mysterey Stream of the Week No. One: 2007

This week's geniusness is from the mind of Sir Brian Parrish, AKA Dr. Suavetone host of the The Casbah Show on 90.1 KSYM brodcasting every Saturday night from 7-9 live from the San Antonio College Campus in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

Normally, on the Casbah you'll find Brian slingin' the surf and garage rock all the cool kids are listening to these days, that is of course, when he's not filling you in on all the groovy bits & bites of insight and knowledge regarding the vibes that are hopefully by now streaming through your speakers.

There's a reason the The HMK Mysterey Stream of the Week is released every Thursday afternoon - clock out and hear why...

Here's your visual clue to Week No. 01 The HMK Mysterey Stream

Two things for the new year people.

Make it Louder.


Keep San Antonio Lame.



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funeralpudding said...

The Casbah rules my loins