Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Tourfilter is one of those innovative new business ideas that came about because a smart entrepreneur wanted to solve a personal problem. Founder Chris Marstall kept missing gigs by bands he liked, and needed an easy way to track concert listings. When he couldn't find anything user-friendly or complete enough, he built his own service.

The concept is simple: a user sets up a (free) account, picks his/her own city, and then enters all of the bands he or she would like to see in concert. Twice a day, Tourfilter's software crawls through live music venue listings for each city it covers. If it comes across a band people are tracking, it sends them an email, and lets them receive show updates via RSS or iCal.

Entering a list of bands is fast and easy, with the system giving instant recommendations based on other users' lists. Users can also listen to thousands of MP3 and RealAudio tracks by bands with upcoming shows, and browse recent music blog listings, organized by band.

Think of it as a simple concert and band tracking tool that aims to become the Craigslist of live music listings.

I've got mine set up for Austin...

Check It: Tourfilter


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Idea Guy said...

Hi Michael,

Chris Marstall idea is good. This is a good help to him and to you indeed. Thank you for sharing this up. I'll bookmark that one. Thanks!