Monday, February 09, 2009

Wow! 3000+ Subscribers! Thank You!

I've been kind of slacking on the HMK Mystery Stream Posts the last few months - down from one every 7-10 days to one a month! But looking at these stats and knowing that there are 3,000+ subscribers (Thank You!) drooling as they wait for the next mysterious episode (I kid, I joke, I exaggerate - I know!) really puts a fire under my butt to get back into the swing of at least 2 episodes a month!

As usual for each episode, quality over quantity + available time eventually always rules the day, hence Irregular Frequency, it's frequentation is anything but regular, so no promises other than I'll do the best I can!

Thanks again for listening and especially to everyone that's shown their appreciation over the past 3 years via PayPal and bought the staff here at the HMK Mystery Stream Studios coffee and muffins to help keep things rolling!

There are still about a half dozen HMK Mystery Stream Pledge Drive Shirts from last summer available in case you missed out: HMK Mystery Stream Pledge Drive Shirts

Stay Tuned Y'all - some great things are coming soon - thanks again!



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