Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New HMK Mystery Stream: It's On!


HMK Mystery Stream IF: Irregular Frequency Episode 092.
Click Hear: hmk.podomatic.com

Aloha, Howdy and Greetings my friends! Thank you and welcome to yet another exciting audio adventure in our continuing series of forgotten sonic audio gems exploring the somehow familiar pulsations, wavelengths and echos from our not too distant future! Welcome to this place we call Earth. This is episode 092 of the IF: Irregular Frequency HMK Mystery Stream, brought to you by the friendly folks at sharkthang.com and the HMK Archive. As usual, headphones and or a glass of your favorite are not required but highly recommended. Delicious? Perhaps... Perhaps... Perhaps... You tell me!

Click Hear: hmk.podomatic.com

Thanks for tuning in!


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