Saturday, March 15, 2008

Andre Williams Rules!

Sweeet! I got the official SXSW thumbs up yesterday afternoon from Mr. Andre Williams at the 14th Annual Bloodshot Records showcase at Yard Dog. Sir Andre's a regular and a favorite on my HMK Mystery Streams, always adding the perfect dose of funky soul to the mix.

If you're not familiar with the genius of "Mr. Rhythm" check out this 1966 single Sweet Little Pussycat and dig what you've been missing. Meow!

Thanks again to all the cool folks at Yard Dog, Bloodshot Records and Shiner for the cool schwag, burgers and beer, my good buddy Shane Whitefield for the awesome crash pad - and especially my young one, attending her first SXSW just a few short days before her 14th birthday, Brette Moss Grieder, for taking this cool shot of me and Andre!

See y'all next year!


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