Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sounds Good To Me

I was on a conference call the other morning with a potential new client and after a few minutes into the discussion they asked if I was talking to them from a bar or a night club.

Well, although that has been known to happened on occasion, I told them that I was if fact sitting alone in my studio, The Tiki Room, taking notes and enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.

What I didn't realize was that they could actually hear the music I had on very very low in the background and they loved it.

Long story short, we laughed, talked a little about music and, thanks to John Coltrane, I got another nice little project that starts in October. Sweet.

Here's the tune, Time Was from the amazing Mr. John Coltrane off of his 1957 album Coltrane: Prestige 7105.

Make it louder!


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