Monday, August 27, 2007

Bonus Episode! iF: Ambient Passport: 001

Please keep in mind that this episode was intentionally produced at a low decibel level for use as a background, ambient wallpaper soundscape.

You know that trippy, half conscious feeling of both excitement and sleep deprivation that usually always accompanies an over seas flight?

Well, the folks here at Totally Bitchin' Recording have recreated the nuance of that sublime dream state with our first episode of what we're calling the Irregular Frequency: Ambient Passport.

An exclusive, hour long soundscape and journey to a place that never really existed, until now...

For maximum effect and enjoyment, either listen using your headphones or play at a low volume in the background as you either get into a positive concentrated work flow or as you simply sit back and relax... Enjoy your flight: CLICK HEAR!


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