Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just Chill

I totally love it. Others simply don't get it and/or really hate it. But sometimes there's nothing better than SOMA FM's Groove Salad streaming thru my iTunes to get me into the creative flow. It also works nicely as a super chillout soundtrack in the Tiki Room. (You'll find it under Ambient in your Radio list on iTunes.) My Playlist for this flavor of stuff is called supertikicoffeehouse.

So, if you need a little boost to help get you into the creative flow and you're into the caffeine induced audio wallpaper or the mellow buzz of non-active listening vibes then you're sure to dig Far East from Tiefschwarz's 2005 Eat Books.

It's a little more abstract and chill than the above, but rest assured, Forcasa 3 from Bola's 2003 lp, Soup, will take you there as well.

And finally, here's one of mine, Che Che la Fem from the probably never going to be released Stereonucleosis EP. What do you want for nothin'?

Mas luego... Now - go forth, groove and make some progress!


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