Saturday, February 06, 2010

Destroyer Rocks!

Destroyer Rocks!

Kiss Rules! I actually went back in time for a few hours last night and had a cool time at the Scout Bar in San Antonio with my Madison High School buds Robert and Edward. You'll have to excuse the quality of these iPhone shots. On second thought, the more I look at them I think I'm actually kinda digging the old school look and feel of these captured moments, you know, the hazy ass lighting complementing the bumpy blurry immediacy of it all, just like back in the day.

As for the actual show itself, I wanted the best and I got a damn fine example of an awesome effort by Destroyer. Lots of Kiss Alive! of course some Destroyer along with a few from Rock & Roll Over and Love Gun. Could have done without some of the later Lick it Up, Love It Loud, I Was Made For Lovin' You material though.

God Of Thunder!

All said, awesome show, lame crowd though. The staff at Scout Bar was friendly and cool, but it really sucked that they had their club-within-a-club disco bullshit blasting with it's doors open during the entire Destroyer show. Stupid and totally direspectful to the band.

And although this was only my second time at Scout, the half filled room sounded only ok at best when standing in front of the sound board. At my first show, Riot a few months back, the room was packed and the sound was excellent. The half filled room sounded really flat, almost like an outdoor gig and the poor turnout was ultimately a drain on the overall energy and vibe as well.

2000 Man

I stood up front for the first few songs until this super spaced out double BudLite fisted idiot decided that tonight it was his turn to be Asshole Of The Day while the couple he was with, two metal mental midgets who were also probably drunk before lunch, an incoherent chick and her stumbling "Baby" as she called him, a wasted but polite man that grew progressively excited about seeing four guys dressed up like Kiss and kept yelling at Destroyer's Paul Stanley while waving a guitar pick from a Kiss show in Austin 8 years ago incessantly screaming "I'm the man! I'm the Man!" What a fucking dumb ass.

I digress... Destroyer Rocks! If you dig old school Kiss and you get the chance don't miss Dallas' Destroyer!

And speaking of Kiss...

That's right, dig my Ace Frehley signed Destroyer album! A funny thing happened while getting this signed...

And lastly, if you're truly a Kiss or Ace fan you'll dig: THIS.

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