Friday, December 25, 2009

RIP Vic Chesnutt

(George Henze/WireImage)

Sad News... Vic Chesnutt, Singer and Songwriter, Dies at 45.

Vic Chesnutt Flyer Signed

Above is my signed 1991 flyer from the amazing February 19th Vic Chesnutt show at Coco Beach here in San Antonio - click to enlarge and read his awesome special message for me!

RIP Vic, thanks for the advice! You rock!




tim said...

Really sad. The loss of another true original. I missed the story for a few days, I wasn't on the computer much over Christmas and a Vic Chesnutt mention probably didn't rank highly on the evening news.

It was your description of "Soft Picasso" that sent me running out to buy "Little" and "West of Rome". Damn.

"all my gravy must have soaked into something. and the world is a sponge"

HMK said...

Hey Tim, yeah, totally sad, he was only 45. I'm sure there's a ton of unreleased stuff that'll surface soon, it seems like Vic was always working on something. Not sure if you checked out waht he wrote on the above flyer:

M - Don't Fuck up! Vic Chesnutt

Sir Vic's words of wisdom to me after a weird show at Coco Beach on the St. Mary's Strip in San Antonio. I remember some loud wasted dude getting thrown out of the club during one of the songs and it changed the vibe of the show - for the better! Then after too many beers we got to hang with Vic and I drunkenly told him how much of a genius he was and asked him to share some wisdom and life advice... Thatnks Vic - I'm working on it!

Have a great 2010 Tim, hope to see you soon man!