Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aerosmithsonian Flashback!

Aerosmithsonian Pump Invitation 1989
This goes back to 1989. One of my favorite pieces. This was done for the dual celebration of the official unveiling of the Aerosmithsonain at the Hard Rock Cafe + the official PUMP release party. Aerosmith played a good chunk of the new album PUMP live to an estimated crowd of about 150 VIP guest! (J. Giels, dudes from Boston, The Cars, totally crazy cool) Wicked amazing to see them in such perfect form rocking out in such an amazingly intimate setting! Yeah, my Guardian Angle has a backstage pass... I've also got the audio of me getting the above signed by Steven Tyler in between the MTV and Entertainment Tonight interviews. Stay tuned! Thank you Patrick Lyons, Elaine Wood and Steven Tyler - get well soon!

Probably the single most coolest party invitation I've yet to have had the privilege of creating!


tim said...

Totally remember that audio tape.

"Not that it's any big deal..."

Am I right?

HMK said...

Exactly Tim! "What do you mean it's no big deal - you're selling your self right down the river..." Now if we can only find the video of Debba Harry commenting on the Halloween movie thing we did down by the burn smell factory!