Friday, August 03, 2007

Sir Brian Wilson on the Boards

Ok, before we get into this Brian Wilson post, you gotta check out this saxy, start your weekend number, Tum-Tiki from The Enchanters. Direct from the 1963 45!

Ok, back to Brian:

Yes, it's true. Brian Wilson never surfed. But, as you'll see on the incomplete list below, he was always on the boards...

Check out this rare gem that 21 year old Brian produced back in the summer of 1963, dig Beach Girl by The Nodeans.

With thanks to Steve Dunn, here's my staggering wish list of Brian Wilson's work for other artists.

This is the most comprehensive list available and an ideal point of reference to start or add to your collection.

Steven points out that the list only includes work where Brian Wilson had a creative input. For example if he only sang harmony or played piano on a track it is not included in this list.

Ah, wouldn't it be nice to have it all... Speaking of Wouldn't It Be Nice, check out this promotional video for "Wouldn't It Be Nice" from 1966!

My wish list focuses primarily on what I like to call the Genius Years, the innocent Brian Wilson years, like the one in the above promo video, the pre-1970's.

Brian Wilson Wish List: *Got it.

Honeys - *Surfin' Down The Swanee River, *Shoot The Curl (1963)

Westwoods (=Honeys) - Miss My Little Surfer Boy (1963)

Honeys - *Pray For Surf, Hide Go Seek, Rabbits Foot, The One You Can't Have, From Jimmy With Tears (all 1963), You Brought It All On, Make The Night (Just A Little Bit Longer), In The Still Of The Night, Raindrops, He's A Doll,The Love Of A Boy And Girl all 1964), Tonight You Belong To Me, Goodnight My Love, I Know You're Gonna Be Alright (all 1968)

Kenny & The Cadets (=Bbs) - Barbie (1962)

Rachel & Revolvers - The Revolution (1962), Number One, What Is A Young Girl Made Of (1962)

Bob & Sheri - Surfer Moon, The Humpty Dumpty (1962)

Johnny Dew (=Brian) - Farmers Daughter, Lana (1962)

Jan & Dean - Gonna Hustle You, Get a Chance With You, *Surf City, *She's My Summer Girl, *Sidewalk Surfin', *Drag City, The New Girl In School (all 1963), *Dead Man's Curve (version one), *Surf Route 101, *Dead Man's Curve (version two), *Ride The Wild Surf, Surfin' Wild (all 1964)

Survivors (=BBs) - *Pamela Jean, After The Game (1963)

Sharon Marie - Runaround Lover, Summertime (1963),Thinkin' Bout You Baby, The Story Of My Life (1964)

Glen Campbell - *Malibu Sunset (1963)

Sunsets - *My Surfin' Little Woodie (1963)

Nodeans - *Beach Girl (1963)

Tri 5 (=include Carl & Dennis) - Come And Get It, Like Chop (1963)

Timers -No Go Showboat (1963)

Ron Wilson - If It Can't Be You (1963)

Castells - I Do (1964)

Gary Usher - Sacramento, That's Just The Way I Feel (1964)

Rick Denton - Endless Sleep (1964)

Paul Peterson - She Rides With Me (1964)

Donna Loren - Muscle Bustle (1964)

Annette (Funnicello) - Surfer's Holiday, Monkeys Uncle (1964)

Hale & Hushabyes - Yes Sir (1964)

Hondells - My Buddy Seat (1964)

Basil Swift & Seegrams - Farmers Daughter (1965)

Glen Campbell - *Guess I'm Dumb (1965)

Bob & Bobby(=Sheri) - Twelve O Four, What You Want Me To Do (1968)

Ron Wilson - I'll Keep On Loving You, As Tears Go By (1968)

Laughing Gravy - Vega-Tables (1967)

MAke It Louder!


Again, big thanks to Steve Dunn and all the cool cats at Ready Steady Go!

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Tim said...

Nice wishlist there.
I did see one of the Honeys singles on ebay about 6 months ago. I think it was upwards to $600.
And Glen Campbell's "Guess I'm Dumb" would be another great one to posess. Fantastic song.
In the offchance you haven't seen the old TV footage of him performing that song:

Very Cool. Always glad to see some Brian love (lower case L- relax) out there.

Talk soon?