Thursday, May 17, 2007

HMK Mystery Stream Week 18: MAPP

If you graduated from high school in 1980 and liked your music loud, you'll probably dig this weeks podcast.

And if you're a Madison High School graduate, Class of 1980 or 81 from San Antonio and you remember who Joe Anthony and Lou Roney are (perhaps you were even a regular MAPP attendee!) you'll really dig this first installment of the: Class of 80 MAPP Special.

It's a nice little audio flashback from the good old days when concert tickets were printed with thermography, frisbees and contact highs were staples at the Municipal Auditorium and our amazing Spurs were considered as just another rinky-dink ABA team playing at the Convention Center. Gerrrrrrrrvin!

Go Spurs!

Make It Louder!



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