Wednesday, March 28, 2007

HMK Mystery Stream Week 13

Welcome to Week 13 of the HMK Mystery Stream.

I've been a little under the weather for a few days and with the help of some over the counter meds (or quite possibly as a result) this weeks HMK Mystery Stream takes the form of a trippy audio Nyquil high. You don't need to have a bad cold to enjoy the following selections, but it might help, but please don't wait for a cold as the reason. There's lots of good reasons to close your eyes and check out the goodies below, and if you absolutely need a reason, other than the fact that you might be a courious audio freak such as myself, here are 13 of them, just for you:

Reason Number 1 is something we could all use, and give, a little bit more of...

Reason Number 2 is also the current status of my San Antonio Spurs in the Southwestern Division of the Western Conference.

Reason Number 3 takes us back to some fine GI Jive toe tappin'.

Reason Number 4 is all about the planet, man.

Reason Number 5 reminds us that ole blue eyes could do more than sing.

Reason Number 6 for some reason gives me a craving for a big shot of esspresso and a cup of some good java.

The more I listen to it, Reason Number 7 is probably the most appealing of this bunch.

Don't be a Jughead, relax and enjoy Reason Number 8, it's almost as good as an old TV show on a rainy Sunday.

Both horrible and sweet, you'll either love or hate Reason Number 9.

I think Marvin would find Reason Number 10 quite killer.

Reason Number 11 is a little weird, not that there's anything wrong with that...

It there was ever a time and a place for a good hearty Yee Haw!, then Reason Number 12 will take you there.

And finally, just because Brette, our newly turned 13 year old will think this is toally weird, Reason Number 13 is the big spoonfull of audio Nyquil I promised you at the top...

Next week: More of the same, only, uh, different... it's a Mystery, remember!

Make It Louder,


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