Thursday, October 05, 2006

I.F.09.06: Irregular Frequency Podcast

So, what do Brigitte Bardot, Ginger, Mary Anne, Mary Jane and Mrs. Howell all have in common?

They're all included on the September Edition of my I.F. Podcast.

Sorry, no White Stripes, Bon Jovi or Kenny G - just some retro hip vibes that are probably older than you are and you'll never find on iTunes.

So c'mon, whether you're working, surfing, or just chilling, why not sample a half hour of some ®Totally Bitchin' vibes courtesy of the SharkThang (that's me...) and my super tasty vintage vinyl stash!

You'll be hooked in no time!

Listen or download I.F.09.06 Now!

And as usual, your comments, complaints and requests are totally welcome.

Make It Louder,



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Anonymous said...

Nice segues - where the hell did you get that Gilligan's Island stuff? Classic - keep 'em coming dude!

Big Ted