Monday, October 23, 2006

Hammond Eggs!

Hey kids. Are you like me? Do you sometimes get a craving for some real music - especially those crazy way back Hammond B3 sounds?

Well you're in luck. Now there's a nice, mellow and muscially nutritional way to get your day started. My good bud Sir Brian Parrish, aka Dr.Suavetone's latest podcast concept, Hammond Eggs, is already up to episode 3! It's a bluesy jazz kinda vibe with an emphesis on the B3 that I really think you'll really dig.

Brian and I share alot of this old school vinyl with each other and I came up with a Hammond Eggs mix for the good Doctor and now we're sharing it with y'all!

So what are you waiting for - belly up and get yourself a nice platter of fresh Hammond Eggs now!

Download them all!

Make it louder,


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