Saturday, August 26, 2006

When In Rome, blow off the opening band...

Lost my voice at the Devo show last night.

And my legs and feet hurt from jumping up and down.

Shane and John drove down from Austin and we had a micro pre-game session over a couple of beers in the Tiki Room. The brewskis Shane brought had a shark on the lable. Not a bad brew.

We decide to blow off the opening band. - When in Rome. When in Rome? I must have been sick the week they were famous.


There was an awesome refreshing breeze last night. The crowd was cool but the beer lines (Swiller Lite, uh, got any water?) were way too long. Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs sounded great. Shane and I were hanging in the beer line talking to Langly and Justine. The sun was just setting, the Furs were about to go on so Shane and I, trusting our rock & roll instincts, decided to cruise to the front and join John. Next thing you know, the lights drop and they kick straight into Love My Way! Perfect.

And yeah Tim, they did play some stuff off of Duty Now For The Future - Wiggly World rocked and Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA was some good old fashioned frenzied punk! But golly, us Spuds got not real Satisfaction cause they for some reason forgot to start the meeting with our Devo Corporate Anthem. Must have been the heat.

When all our bones and muscles hurt, what's so funny about that?

Still, it makes me wanna move!

Deathray Davies Tonight @ The Limelight on North St. Mary's Street in beautiful down town San Antonio.


A Man Is Real - Not Made Of Steel!


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Anonymous said...

Mike, how is Shanner doing? Still single and going to lots of shows? Bet Devo was a great reto event and a reminder of the days of old. Now just getting older. BN