Sunday, August 13, 2006

Man In Space

This is pretty sweet. Man in Space with Sounds was composed by Arthur Attilio Mineo in the early 50s and was played through the sound system in "The Bubbleator", an exhibit that was part of the 1962 Seattle Space Age World's Fair.

"The Bubbleator" was a 150-passenger spherical clear plastic elevator that moved 2.5 million people through the "World of Tomorrow" displays that promised an easier life ahead and a glimpse of life in the future!

To accompany their journey, the sound system piped in the evocative orchestral and electronic music of Man in Space with Sounds that helped to create a futurist experience for the passengers. How cool is that?

According to Amazon, once the producers of the CD version managed to track down Attilio Mineo to arrange the licensing, it was discovered that the master tapes for Man in Space with Sounds were lost forever. An original 1962 LP, like this one, was used for the recording on the CD.

This, the original LP, was released in limited quantities on the World's Fair record label around 1962 in two versions; one with a short peice of spoken word introduction before each track and one without the introductions. Neither LP was in stereo.

So what are you waiting for? Transport yourself by listening to this spoken word version, ripped directly from the original vinyl. All in glorious Mono! Grab Man In Space now!

(By the way, this is a 45.3 MB zip file of the entire album, painstakingly ripped from vinyl, just for you plus the original album cover art. As always, these audio files are for research purposes only.)

Enjoy your journey!


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