Monday, March 13, 2006

Death & Chicks With Cool Voices

No real theme here, other than uh, death and the the fact taht all three of these tunes have some excellent female lead vocals...

First up is Laetitia Sadier. Stereo Labs soothing and stylish voice of cool. Dig Bop Scotch from 2004's Margerine Eclipse. Tragically, Stereo Lab lost vocalist Mary Hansen back in December of 2002. She died in a London cycling accident at just 36.

Next, we've got Claudine Longet, the wispy French chick who shot champion skier Vladimir "Spider" Sabich, her long-time boyfriend back in 1976. Before that, she recorded Meditation in 1971.

And finally we've got Chantal Claret, front chick for New York's Morningwood. "At a recent gig at Piano's that coincided with her 22nd birthday, lead singer Chantal broke down in front of the stunned audience screaming at her friends in attendance 'you only bought me a TV because my mom died'. Minutes later she was simulating sex with a naked Japanese girl and had the usually staid hipster crowd dancing up a sweat and hanging on her every word. This is the new shit and you'd better listen." The Face - May 2004. Here's one of my favorites from Morningwood's brand new Keep Your Clothes On - the kinda creepy but cool Babysitter.

Make it louder...


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