Friday, February 17, 2006

Smile - It's Friday!

Score! Until I found this just the other day I'd only heard the song Freckles as sung to me by my mom and my grandfather.

Though geographically far removed from the Caribbean, Bermuda shares with the region a history of European colonization, African slavery, and the creolization of African and European cultural traditions. During the 1940s and 1950s, calypso became popular in the island's tourist hotels and clubs. Bermuda's leading calypso ensemble was the Talbot Brothers, who organized formally in 1942. In 1953 they began touring the United States each fall, appearing at clubs and colleges across the country.

In addition to touring the United States, the Talbot Brothers appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and NBC's morning Home show. Roy Talbot's "doghouse" bass, made with a packing crate and fishing line, intrigued fans.

This goes out to Blake Given and anyone else with an iPod and the right sense of humor. Please enjoy Freckles by The Talbot Brothers from their Talbot Brothers of Bermuda lp.

And as much as I've been digging the skiing and boarding of the Winter Games in Torino - especially last nights snowboard cross finals (congrats to champion Seth Wescott - he won the first Gold ever in this new event - USA-USA!) it wasn't until I played this classic that it truly felt like I was watching the Olympics.


Have a great weekend,


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