Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Grooves

For the past few months I've been seriously getting back into my vinyl, mainly lost and forgotten instumentals. Here's a few gems, focusing on the keyboard, to get you chilled out and ready for the weekend. Grab yourself a cocktail and relax...

First up, is a sweet little vibe from La Ragazza Dalla Pelle di Luna, a 1971 collection of Italian soundtracks, Laguna Tropicale by Piero Umiliani.

Next, we got Money Mark's totally bitchin' Pinto's New Car from his very cool 1995 Mark's Keyboard Repair lp.

As you may or may not know, Money Mark brought the soul and funk to the Beastie Boys' Check Your Head and Ill Communication lps. Both albums demonstrated his influence, with his thick, all over the place funky organ. On his own, Money Mark creates music that is quite similar to the instrumental tracks on the two Beastie albums, although a bit grittier and jazzier. The album as a whole, has a funky fresh Jimmy Smith vibe meets lo-fi, indie rock along with variations of '60s soul-jazz. An absolute must have for anyone looking to create the ultimate Tiki Room Pub vibe.

And finally, some groovy French Pop circa 1967 Aven des Oreilles from Monique Thurbert. This is from Ultra Chicks Vol.3, Baby Pop! And yeah, all three volumes are just as sweet as this track...

Turn it up and enjoy.

Have a great weekend.


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