Friday, December 23, 2005

Kahuna Christmas #23

Wow. Another Friday is upon us and Christmas Day is only two days away. I really need to get shopping! Here's a twangy number you might not have yet. Crank this up while you sip your toddy looking for a parking space at The Mall: Kahuna Christmas Twenty Three

These next two tracks are from two of my four Christmas albums I've got by The Three Suns. Carol Of The Birds sounds like audio straight outta Harry Potter's Goblet of Fire, while their version of Winter Wonderland reminds me that by the time Santa gets all the way down to Texas, he's gonna want a beer and a tamale, hold the milk and cookies!

And speaking of Mr. Potter... he's another request for Miss Brette Moss Grieder. I'll have that song up shortly so check back.

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