Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Birth Of A Podcast iF:001 Podcast

Do you like music?

Me too.

I listen to tons of different bands in a broad range of languages introducing me to an amazingly eclectic array of genres, styles and hybrids of all of the above. If I'm awake, my soundtrack is on. Sometimes it's music, sometimes it's the birds in my backyard, I'm simply addicted to audio.

From real-time, streaming live performances from the other side of the world to fresh interpretations of compositions written before anyone ever even heard of Thomas Edison.

I'm lucky enough to own a modest collection of cassettes, reel to reels, 8 Tracks, cds and of course, vinyl.

Did I mention that I've also got a shitload of mp3’s, enough of which to fill about 8.5 60 GB iPods, 125 4GB nanos or 1,000 .5 GB Shuffles.


I'm guessing there's probobly not some magic software I can download from versiontracker.com that'll count and tag my albums for me, which means I gotta go analog manual in order to get some kind of tally in the form of a pie chart regarding ratios of release dates, categories and lable info.

I figured that I might as well convert to mp3 whatever it is I'm listening to that I might want to access and share in the future.

The result of each session's harvest are packaged into a little podcast project: iF: Irregular Frequency.

More later -
Get it here and let me know what you think: iF:001 Podcast Download

Make it louder, HMK

IF:TBR:ST:HMK:1961 Church Key Intro Mix: HMK 2:26
Go Down to the Beach: Casey O'Hara 2:22
Speaking Further Than Reason: Before The Period Lunatic 4:20
Megapills: Sunset Valley 3:19
Serves Me Right (take 5): Milt Jackson 4:48
Plummi A-Go Go: The Mysterons 0:28
Dirty Back Road: The B-52's 3:21
Space Age Express: The Space Agency 2:04
Surfin' Hearse 2:27 Quads
Moon Dawg!: Gamblers 2:14
Ajoen Ajoen: Kiyo Koyama & The Dynamic Echos 2:15
Jive Talkin': Bee Gees 3:44
Church Key: The Revels 2:17
Rock And Roll Part 2: Gary Glitter 3:03
The Ripper: Judas Priest 2:51
Deeper Than Beauty: Sloan 2:41
Mexico City Airport: HMK 4:24
Sunday In New York: Nadine Jansen 3:15
Cool Casa Rockin: Joe King Carrasco Y Los Crowned Heads 4:45
Hold You Down: Fat Joe, Jennifer Lopez 4:32
King Of The Wheels: Bobby Fuller Four 2:03
Beer Bottle Mama: Andy Reynolds And His 101 Ranch Boys 2:28
Ladies And Gentlemen Part I: POTUSOA 1:37
He's Got A She: Exene Cervenka 2:44
Radar Love: Legends: Golden Earring 5:06
Rock Woodpecker Rock: Nat Couty 2:00
Am Radio: Everclear 3:56
Une Very Stylish Fille: Dimitri From Paris 3:18
Shotgun 4:31 Tiki Bongo
Pinball Wizard: The Who 3:03
Friday Night (Is Killing Me): Bash & Pop 4:40
Amarillo By Morning: George Strait 2:54
Here's Where The Story Ends: The Sundays 3:55


Brian said...

ending your comp with the Sundays and George Straight?!


HMK said...

At least my car's not on fire...