Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hot Stuff: Summer Vibes 2

1) September Bossa: Angelo Metz
2) Autumn Got Dark: Portastatic
3) The Last Resort: The Dead 60s
4) I Get Around: John Dufilho
5) Sweet Summer: School Play
6) Rockaway Beach: Ramones
7) Beach Blanket Blackout: Huevos Rancheros
8) Sunset Beach: Susan & The Surftones
9) I Love You: Asie Payton
10) Pass The Hatchet: Roger & The Gypsies
11) You Can Count On Me: Sammy Davis, Jr.
12) Goofy Foot: Phranc
13) I Don't Mind: Slumber Party
14) Back 2 The Tiki Room: Tiki Bongo
15) Theme From A Summer Place: Mystic Moods Orchestra
16) Heartbreaker's Beach Party: Tom Petty
17) Ice Cream Man: Tom Waits
18) Teenage Girls: The Surf Punks
18) Hot Sun: Joe King Carrasco Y Los Crowned Heads Of Tex Mex
20) Little Brown Gal: Catamaran Serenaders
21) The Tarpon Inn: Tiki Bongo
22) Stereo Mike
23) Alcoholic: The Tah Dahs
24) Fish Story: Andy Loore (Janco Nilovic)
25) Princess and the Pony: Sean Na Na
26) Hot Stuff: Fred Karlin
27) London Calling: Prozak for Lovers
28) Hang Fire: Rolling Stones
29) California Soul: Wilson Das Neves
30) mofobleep: Rick Perry

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