Friday, April 15, 2005

Fiesta Vibes 2005!

Congratulations! You made it. Taxes are done and you've survived the first 105 days of 2005 to celebrate another FIESTA season here in beautiful downtown San Antonio! The Gods and the Pope must be smiling on you. Again, congratulations.

How to use your 2005 FIESTA VIBES CD:


A: Take the 2005 FIESTA VIBES CD with you everywhere you go this FIESTA and demand (nicely!) that it's played immediately using phrases like "Yo, this'll get your gordita shakin'..." or "Dude, you gotta hear track 11!" or something to that effect..

B: Convert to mp3, enjoy in your iPod, on your player at the office, or wherever you can.


Si) After you've mp3ed 2005 FIESTA VIBES CD please pass it along to somebody else you know will dig it too, and advise them of options A,B & Si!

Like the cd itself, it's important to repeat the above as often as necessary.

Viva Fiesta!

Fiesta Vibes 2005: The Soundtrack To Your Fiesta Lifestyle

1) Killer Time: Napoleon Dynamite 0:02
2) Eres Un Encanto: Flaco Jimenez 2:41
3) A Minha Namorada: Eduardo Costa E Seu Conjunto 2:37
4) Bate A Palma: Miguel Angel 1:41
5) Down In Mexico: The Coasters 3:19
6) Amor Em Tempo De Verao: Helton Menezes 1:53
7) Jungle Fever: The Chakachas 4:20
8) Caramba: Ed Lincoln 2:48
9) Sweet: Napoleon Dynamite 0:01
10) Eres Tu: Jimmy Mitchell 3:41
11) Roll A Bob Marley: Hank Marlee 3:47
12) Go For It: Napoleon Dynamite 0:01
13) Aos Pes Da Cruz: Caculinha Seu Orgao E Seu 2:16
14) Stereo: Killer Bees 3:38
15) Las Golondrinas: Flaco Jimenez 2:31
16) La Cucaracha: Mariachi Silvestre Vargas 2:49
17) Hey Baby Que Paso: Texas Tornados 3:01
18) Friggin Idiot: Napoleon Dynamite 0:01
19) Bolinha De Sabao: Orquestra RCA Victor 2:31
20) Balanco Azul: Ed Lincoln 1:49
21) Spring Fiesta: Cosmonauti 1:56
22) De Presente: Eumir Deodato 2:17
23) Dont Go Breakin My Heart: Wilson Neves E Seu Conjunto 2:17
24) Heck Yes: Napoleon Dynamite 0:01
25) Patio A-Go-Go: The Sugar Twins 2:35
26) Fiesta En El Cielo: Sergio Vega 3:17
27) It's Friday Night: Flakiss 4:03
28) Yessss: Napoleon Dynamite 0:02
29: Marina: Flaco Jimenez 2:52
30) No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar 3:17
31) Comecou De Brincadeira: Conjuntto Sambacana 2:17
32) Ven A Darme Amaor: Robert Jordån 3:33
33) Talkin' About: Napoleon Dynamite 0:01
34) Mary Cristo: Tribalistas 3:00
35) La Costilla: Mariachi Silvestre Vargas 2:49

But, I don't, I mean, why don't I have a copy of the Fiesta Vibes 2005? Relax my cascarone carrying amigo, if you don't have a copy of FIESTA VIBES 2005, you can get one by either scoring one from anyone that's following the directions or by simply buying me a beer the next time you see me. It's just that simple!

Peace, don't drink and drive or do anything else that might hurt you or anyone else.



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Da BOMB! Thanks Mike,

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