Saturday, January 29, 2005

KPMP: Morbid Hysteria-Go-Go

This is the result of an early morning online Audio Mining expedition, the first in a series, God willing. Sponsored by the good folks over at Totally Bitchin' Recording. There are some truly generous people out-here in wireless space sharing audio gems from their personal stash that you simply won't find anywhere else on earth - at least not all on the same mix disc.


First, get a copy of this cd.
(Rip & stick onto your iPod or throw this into your cd player upon waking up enjoying that first cup of coffee and some pannekoeken)

Next, if possible, and if you can possibly manage the time, please play the entire disc all the way through the first time. Wake up on a free-day or anytime you've got an hour or so to truly chill out and relax, and enjoy. As usual, the comment section is there to share your thoughts with some of the other folks lucky enough to get this cd. If you see your name on the list, let me know via the comment link below and tell me where you want to meet and I can give you your copy and you can buy me lunch, a drink, or both if I'm lucky.

And if it's one thing I am, it's lucky.

The List (so far...):

Reagan Williamson: (Optional space is for your email after getting the disc)
Thomas Rehkopf:
Brian Parrish:
Carlos Zapata:
Parrish Ticer:
Steve Atkins:
Christopher Pawlick:
Jackie Earle Haley:
Michael MacKenzie:
Alvin Ditto:
Kevin Paetzel:
Stefan "Andrej" Shambora:
Michelle Garcia:
Joe Barfield:
Eben LaCasse:
Mitch Webb:
Joe Reyes:
John Dufilho:
Drew de la Cruz:
Jon Wurster:
Tommy Steele:
Jack Black:
Shane Whitefield:

KPMP: Morbid HysteriA-Go-Go
Compiled, Mixed and Recorded on Saturday morning 01.29.05

Bewick's Wren: Birds 0:10
What?: Huh? 0:02
Knock Me Down: The La's 3:17
Swiss Gaga 2: TBR/HMK 0:06
Diabolik's Hide Out: Ennio Morricone 1:52
Let's Turn Back: Ed Wood Jr. 2:45
The Human Tornado: Blaxploitation Radio Spot 1:02
Driving Decoys: Ennio Morricone 2:08
Money Orgy: Ennio Morricone 2:09
Chicken Yee Haw: Jelly Roll Ringtone 0:04
Lovers Of Today: The Only Ones 3:05
KPMP Tag: HMK 0:17
Just Kissed My Baby: The Meters 4:43
The Mack: Blaxploitation Radio Spot 1:01
Theme From Bedazzled: Tony Hatch 3:45
Hey Good Lookin': Ringtone 0:28
Soccer Practice: The Gay Pimp 4:02
As My Wife Says: The Only Ones 1:53
Superfly TNT: Blaxploitation Radio Spot 1:01
Headlines (Organ Freak Out 1): Ennio Morricone 0:33
Truck Turner: Blaxploitation Radio Spot 0:58
ttv: Telefon Tel Aviv 3:34
Defecting Grey: The Pretty Things 5:10
Come In Come Out: The La's 2:14
Trouble Man: Blaxploitation Radio Spot 1:00
You're Gonna Be Sorry: The Opals 2:25
Human Tornado: Main Theme Nice Treat Presents 2:24
Ghetto Freaks: Blaxploitation Radio Spot 0:55
Heaven On Their Minds: Urban Surf Kings 4:04
Suntory Pop Jingle #1: The Carpenters 0:32
Trippy Swiss Gaga: TBR/HMK 1:05
Your Love Means Everything (Part 2): Faultline 4:09

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Anonymous said...

Dude! Thanks! This is one of your best and you've been making me mixes since 1982! Kowabunga - The King